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Free music-and-art NOW Festival to kick off Thursday at 威尼斯人平台 - 2月. 7, 2024
For the composer-in-residence at this year’s NOW Festival at 威尼斯人平台, the festival theme is highly relevant: “艺术 in Time of Conflict.” (《威尼斯人网站》)

48 Institutions Selected to Participate in AAC&U Institute on Open 教育al Resources ——2023年5月16日
13 Institutions Receive Grant Funding to Support Their Participation (AAC格式&U)

Central Ohio colleges team up on new professional development effort - 11月. 14, 2023
The new venture offers workshops for businesses and individuals interested in personalized leadership training. (哥伦布商业第一)

马克。布朗 - 11月. 26, 2023
Colorado ruling does not bar Ohio form determining if Trump qualifies for its ballot. The sad reality is it’s unlikely to do so: 马克。布朗 (克利夫兰.com)

哥伦布商业第一 - 11月. 14, 2023
Central Ohio colleges team up on new professional development effort

马克。布朗 - 11月. 13, 2023
Ohio bill allowing “unapproved” flags in HOA, condo communities called unconstitutional (美国广播公司(ABC) 6)

董事长罗伯特·Barnhart - 11月. 13, 2023
Upper Arlington teacher charged with raping student offered 'lenient' plea, accuser says (Columbus Dispatch)

丹Kobil - 11月. 13, 2023
After Affirmative Action – How Will the SCOTUS Decision Affect the Legal Profession? 俄亥俄州(律师)

丹Kobil - 11月. 9, 2023
Supreme Court weighs gun rights, civil protection orders (

丹Kobil - 11月. 8, 2023
Legal experts weigh in on projected passage of Ohio’s abortion issue (WFMJ)

丹Kobil - 11月. 8, 2023
What Issue 1’s passage means for the future of abortion in Ohio (

丹Kobil - 11月. 8, 2023
Ohio’s abortion referendum could test Republican messaging for 2024 (美国广播公司)

丹Kobil - 11月. 5, 2023
Ohio Could Reset the Abortion Debate (《威尼斯人平台》)

丹Kobil ——10月. 31, 2023
What Happens if Issue 1 Passes, Fails (《威尼斯人平台》,华盛顿州立大学)

丹Kobil ——10月. 26, 2023
DeWine on Opposition to Issue 1 (The State of Ohio Show, 

丹Kobil ——10月. 23, 2023 
This procedure is banned in the US. Why is it a hot topic in fight over Ohio’s abortion amendment? (美联社) 

丹Kobil ——10月. 20, 2023
Ohio Issue 1 Debate: Right to Make Reproductive Decisions Including Abortion Initiative (City Club of Cleveland)  

丹Kobil ——10月. 17, 2023 
“Ohio voters will decide a constitutional amendment on abortion. Here’s what you need to know” (The Statehouse 新闻 Bureau)  

马克。布朗 ——10月. 13, 2023
“Issue 1 says nothing about parental control and will not override parental rights: Mark R. 布朗” (克利夫兰.com)

马克·布朗—— 10月. 12, 2023
“Trump and Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment: An Exploration of Consitutional Eligibility” (法学家.org)

丹Kobil ——10月. 10, 2023 
Issue 1 opponents raise concerns over parental rights (《威尼斯人平台》,华盛顿州立大学) 

丹Kobil ——10月. 4, 2023 
Op Ed: What Ohio’s proposed abortion amendment really does (克利夫兰.com) 

Gardner Institute Announces Bold National Effort To Transform The Foundational Postsecondary Experience ——9月. 15, 2023
The first cohort of 11 institutions takes on the challenge of redesigning the first two years of college so every student can graduate; additional cohorts to follow. 加德纳(研究所)

丹Kobil ——9月. 5, 2023
“Ohio votes on abortion rights this fall. Misinformation about the proposal is already spreading” (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette)

丹Kobil 9月. 5, 2023
“Abortion rights: 5 legal questions courts may decide if proposed amendment passes” (克利夫兰.com)

杨晨弗尔涅 9月. 4, 2023
“Office Hours with John Gardner,” podcast, Episode 80 (9月. 4, 2023), on community innovation.

丹Kobil ——8月. 31, 2023
“Political science professor breaks down study regarding ballot language” (频谱新闻1))

Jenn Kelly, Nisreen Daoud, Brad Conrad 8月. 29, 2023
OSBA论坛 (YouTube)